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Pulihora Mix

Pulihora, a traditional favorite among South Indians, is an unassuming spicy and tangy rice dish mainly Prepared during festivals,. It is also known as sour rice, tamarind rice or lemon rice. Andhra Pulihora is Characterized by the fiery hotness of green chilies, the wholesome crunch of fried peanuts, cashews and the flavorful richness of curry leaves.

Directions for use :

Add this Tasty Kitchen Pulihora mix to the cooked rice depends on your Individual Taste.

Tasty Tip:

  • Up the spicy quotient by a liberal additions of fried dry red chillies.
  • Also add liberal amounts of graded coconut, fried ground nuts/cashews and curry leaves to enjoy an authentic mount-watering Pulihora.

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